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Henry Reynolds

LDS Biographical Encyclopedia, Andrew Jenson, Vol. 2, p.233
Reynolds, Henry, a Patriarch in the Summit Stake of Zion, was born Nov., 18, 1822, at Himbleton, Worcestershire, England, the son of John Reynolds and Martha Edwards. He was baptized Dec. 21, 1841; ordained a Teacher in March, 1842; a Priest in July, 1842; an Elder in Aug. 1854, and appointed to preside over the Budeley branch, (Worcestershire); emigrated to America in 1856, crossing the Atlantic in the ship "Samuel Curling", and, after residing in the States four years, crossed the plains in 1860 in Capt. Walling's Independent Company, which arrived in Salt Lake City Aug. 9, 1860. Locating at Rockport, on the Weber, Aug. 13, 1860, he became the first settler of that place, but moved to Wanship in the spring of 1866. [p.234] Here he acted as second counselor to Geo. G. Snyder, the president of the Wanship branch, and subsequently presided over that branch himself for one year. He was ordained a High Priest May 18, 1873, and set apart as a member of the High Council of the Summit Stake when that Stake was first organized. He also acted as second counselor to Bishop Roundy, of the Wanship Ward, and later as second counselor to Andrew Petersen, president of the High Priests Quorum of the Summit Stake of Zion. He was ordained a Patriarch by Rudger Clawson in 1904.